Possible causes of website failure

A successful website is one that varies from purpose to purpose. Nowadays we often see many people creating websites with the aim of making money. Making any website that anyone builds a success is a difficult task, but there is something we can do to minimize the shortcomings of the website being created. And then we can have good hopes that the website will reach the intended goal at the beginning. To create a successful website, you need to pay more attention to the reasons why a website is successful and the reasons why a website fails.

Focus on SEO after creating a website.

Most people focus on how to get traffic to a website after creating it, so it’s often difficult to be successful when a completed website is SEO. SEO is a must have, for any Affiliate, promoting any program.

Creating a website on an unknown subject.

Many people create websites for themselves or the person writing the article on the website without any knowledge, understanding or experience. Because of this, a website is created by re-entering the facts on the internet in a slightly different form. Due to this a website with original content will not be created. Also plagiarism is tested by many people. But it is not a method to prove that it is an original article written with one’s own ideas and experiences.


Creating Websites That Have No Value and Quality

Many people nowadays try to create a website in some way but are not motivated to do anything with real quality and value to the website users. It’s impossible to make money on a website that people do not visit. If people want to come to your website, you need to create a website that has a legitimate reason for people to come and create a way to do so.

Not focusing on the right things over time.

Most people these days think about making money but do not pay much attention to creating a website that is capable of making money. For example, in the early and middle stages of creating a website, instead of trying to generate traffic to the website, many people try to create a google adsense account. They often forget that having an adsense account without traffic is useless and that adsense is the only way to make money from a website. If you can make a website with good traffic, you can use a better and less risky ad network than adsense.

Writing an article that does not match the search intent

Writing articles for a website is a very important factor in creating a website. Users need to understand the purpose of a keyword search and write an article. It is useless for anyone who is looking for information about planting an apple tree to have written a lot about the world’s apple trees. Most words have a high tendency to become article rank, but increasing the number of words does not make it happen. It does not happen just because you put in the relevant keywords too many times.

Competition Use more keywords.

Many website builders knowingly or unknowingly use high cpc or high competition keywords for their website. This is also a big reason to build a website that sometimes fails. When trying to get SEO and traffic to a newly created website, it is best to use low competition keywords in the early stages. Also, many people nowadays choose keywords to create a website based solely on the value of Keyword Difficulty (KD). Here too there is competition to select keywords and to select keywords that do not have a proper basis.

Lack of adequate knowledge about SEO.

In many cases, mistakes are made due to lack of proper understanding of SEO. SEO knowledge becomes an essential factor if you want to get traffic from search engines like google. Many newcomers think that putting an SEO plugin like yoast, rank math and making the necessary settings is a complete SEO. Actually a plugin makes our work easier but it doesn’t decide everything. Therefore, just installing an SEO plugin will not rank a website.


The basics mentioned above can cause your website to fail alone. You also lose the opportunity to get a lot of traffic. This can lead to huge losses. In addition, copying someone else’s articles and viewing this as annoying can cause your website to fail.

If you start a website without any of the above reasons, you will be able to get great results from it. If you’ve currently creating websites and failing, see if the above factors have contributed to that. Start anew from today. You win!

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