Instructions for building a Fiverr gig gallery. (Fiverr -08)

Fiverr likes good quality photos. Your gig image is one of the essential factors that helps buyers decide whether or not to place an order on your gig. Dark and low quality Fiverr gig images make buyers feel weak and believe they are selling services you can not trust. Article 9 of the Free Fiverr Series provides a comprehensive guide to creating gig images that meet Fiverr’s quality standards. We also discuss how to find the best Fiverr gig image templates to build your gig gallery.

Six Things To Consider When Creating Fiverr Gig Images By 2021

1. Use the best Fiverr Gig image size

Before designing an image for your Fiverr gig, make sure you use the right size for it. Do not go for very large or small pictures. The minimum size for a Fiverr gig image in 2020 is 550 by 370 pixels. This means the minimum width should be 550 pixels and the minimum height should be 370 pixels.

2. Do not overuse the text

Adding large text to your image is not a good idea. Remember, keep your text simple and accurate. Use correct spelling to increase readability. It is best to use San Serif letters for gig images. In addition, avoid non-professional colors in images. Choose a professional color theme and design your gig images around that theme.

3. Do not copy gig pictures of other sellers

Never steal or copy someone else’s gig image and use it as your own. This is against Fiverr’s rules and you may be blocked from doing so. In addition, it also affects your Fiverr gig ratings. Always create your own high-resolution images to get orders in your gig

4. Avoid Clickbait Images

Clickbait is basically a fake marketing practice where you mislead buyers to get clicks on your gig. Using clickbyte gig images can lead to a permanently suspended Fiverr account or a banned gig. So, if you are trying to set up a large portfolio on Fiverr, avoid this habit as it will not give long term results.

5. Only include relevant images.

Your gig image must be consistent with the service you offer on the gig. Irrelevant gig pictures not only confuse buyers, but also reduce the chances of generating sales.

6. Do not use logos on gig images

Fiverr does not allow you to display any kind of logo or certificate on your gig image, whether you are a top rated vendor or a verified affiliate. Avoid all types of logos when creating a Fiverr gig image. It’s strongly opposed to Fiverr’s TOCs.

Here are three key pointers in moving your gig image:

  • The end result that the customer wants
  • Time taken to complete the work
  • Public protests related to the service

You do not want to be frustrated if you cannot get the right pitch so invest in a good capo.

  • Use only the first point (the final result) of your gig image.
  • Use the first and second scores (final result + time) for your Fiverr gig image.
  • Use all three scores (end result + duration + protests) to create an attractive gig image.

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