The Best WordPress Instagram Plugin to Add to an Instagram Feed

The WordPress Instagram plugin makes it easy to display a real-time feed of your latest posts on WordPress. Or, depending on the plugin, you can even show posts that use certain hashtags or posts that tag your account (although a change in Instagram may require you to have an Instagram Business Account to access these features) built into its API).

To help you find the best options for your needs, I have added five of the best Instagram plugins for WordPress users.

In general, you’re better off with the free version if you want to create a code for your personal account, but you will have to pay for a premium version if you want to create a hash tag or a custom tag tag. Notes using your Instagram Business Account.

Five Best WordPress Instagram Plugins in 2021

Here are the five plugins that I’ll look at:

  1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed
  2. Spotlight
  3. flow-flow
  4. Integrate
  5. 10Web Social Photo Feed

1. Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

The Smash Balloon Social Photo Gallery, formerly known as the “Instagram Code” before becoming a trademark, is the most popular free Instagram plugin on WordPress.raj, with over 3.300 active reviews on over one million websites.

With the free version, you can display an Instagram feed from your Instagram account, and the Pro version adds the ability to create treats from hashtags or posts that your account has been tagged with.

Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed

You can choose from a variety of layout options. You get a basic network for free and add the premium version:

You will also have other customization options to display additional content:

Load more button
Follow button
Likes and Comments (Pro)
Heads up ((pro)
Lightbox Ideas (Pro)

The Smash Balloon Social Photo Gallery is available for free on WordPress.raj but the free version only allows you to create feeds from Instagram user accounts. You need to go to Pro to create posts from hashtags and tagged posts, access more layouts, filter your posts and much more.

The Pro version costs $ 49 to use on a single website.

2. Spotlight

Spotlight is the latest Instagram plugin, thanks to its feature list and user-friendly interface with live preview. Although its number of active installations is not as high as some competitors, it comes from an established WordPress developer and the only team behind the popular WP RSS Aggregator plugin. It also has a 5 star rating with over 60 reviews.

In addition to having a lot of features, Spotlight has the most user-friendly interface of any plugin on this list. As you configure your feed, you will receive a real-time preview of your actual feed, which will change as you configure most settings:

With the free version, Spotlight allows you to create feeds from any personal or business account you can access (again, you can not create feeds from other people’s accounts due to a change in the Instagram API).

If you are updating to the premium version, you can also create accounts with hashtags or posts that tag your account.

The premium version adds more layout options, including masonry, highlight and slider, as well as other content options, including headers, likes and comments and a popup box.


Beyond that, the premium version adds filters and neutral options, allowing you to filter specific posts (by hashtag or header by foot) and approve them manually before the post shows up in your book (useful for hash tags you have no complete control over). Above content).

The premium version has a very unique feature that allows you to link Instagram notes directly to blog posts, WooCommerce products or any other type of post. Alternatively, you can add CTA to those notes / products in the popup box that appears when a user clicks on an image in your feed.

There is a free version of Spotlight WordPress.R. The free version allows you to create unlimited feeds from user accounts, but you need the Pro version to create hashtags or tagged posts, as well as access to filtering / updating features, promotional features and more.

Spotlight Pro starts at $ 49 for single site use.

3. Flow- Flow

Flow-Flow is a popular premium WordPress plugin for sale on Envato’s CodeCanyon market, which has been purchased 19,100 times and has a rating of over 4.7 with a rating of 4.7.

The most unique thing about streaming-streaming is that it is not just for Instagram – it supports more than 14 different sources in one plugin. You can create different feeds for different services. Or, you can combine multiple feeds into one stream. For example, you can create a single feed from your account that includes both Instagram posts and Twitter tweets.

In the screenshot below you can check an example of this type of mixed-content nutrition – you can see how the top filters allow users to filter specific networks and each food item has a tag indicating its origin:

In total, Flow-Flow supports:

  • Instagram – import by user account, hashtags, or location.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • YouTube
  • Pinterest
  • SoundCloud
  • Foursquare
  • Flickr
  • Dribbble
  • WordPress
  • Tumblr
  • Vimeo
  • Any RSS feed

You can display your treats in a variety of layouts, including masonry, fair and integrated height networks. You will get useful options such as the “Show more” button to load more content in the stream.

To make sure your feed is clean, you can manually approve all posts before they show up in your posts.

The ability to combine different food sources like this is unique. However, if you know that you only need Instagram feeds, you should probably go with a dedicated Instagram plugin and the dedicated option will be lighter as it is 100% focused on Instagram.

There is a limited free version of the stream-stream on WordPress.raj. The premium version costs $ 39, which gives you a lifetime update on a single website.

5. Intagrate

Here’s a unique approach to importing Instagram images to WordPress, which may or may not work for your needs. All other plugins help you create a collection of images that you can add to the body of your sidebar, footer or post / page.

Integration, on the other hand, allows you to import Instagram posts as actual blog posts on WordPress. Each time it imports a new Instagram post, it creates a separate blog post for that Instagram post and converts the image into a featured image of the blog post.

Or, if you are updating to the Pro version, you can import Instagram posts as any custom post type on your website. The Pro version also gives you video support and hashtag filtering.

Honestly, most people will not need the access that Intagrate uses. But if you want to import Instagram posts as real WordPress blog posts, this is definitely your best option. For example, if you’ve basically posted on Instagram but need a solution to block your Instagram content to WordPress, this is a good choice.

The free version of Integrate is available at The Pro version starts at $ 55.

 5. 10Web Social Photo Feed

10Web Social Photo Gallery is another popular Freemium Instagram plugin available on WordPress.raj as well as a premium version with other features.

You can create a feed from a user account (free) or from a hashtag (pro) and choose from four different layout layouts:

Masonry grid
Blog style (list)

With the premium version, you can add conditional filters to gain more control over the content that appears in your feed. For example, you might want a post to have two hashtags at once.

Finally, 10Web Social Photo Feed has a free version at that lets you create a feed from a personal Instagram account.  The Pro version unlocks the additional sources and display options for just $25.

Overall, the price of the premium version is this plugin’s most differentiating factor, as it’s about half of Smash Balloon Social Photo Feed or Spotlight. In terms of features, there’s nothing that would really make you choose it over Smash Balloon or Spotlight.

The above plugins are very successful and valuable. So what do you think is the best plugin?

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