For this, you need to have a good understanding of what your target audience is searching for. This is something that can be clearly understood through keyword research. Also, you have to get a good understanding of search intent and write content.

In understanding the search intent, we can identify 4 main types.

1) Informational intent

This means searching for something for the purpose of knowing some kind of information. A person searching for such a keyword can clearly identify that they are searching for a specific question or what they want to know more about.

2) Navigational intent

Here you can find out who is using Google by searching the website in advance.

3) Preferential/Commercial Investigation

This category includes keywords that are used to search for a product, brand, or service in order to purchase something in the future. Perhaps these are two types of comparative research. Even things like product reviews, and ratings are directly relevant to this.

4) Transactional intent

You may find that you are searching for something in order to make a purchase. That purchase could be something like a product, service, or subscription. People who search for something like this are looking for action like buying, so they already know what they are looking for, and the main goal may be to find a place to make that purchase.


So you can get a proper understanding of such issues through keyword research. If you do a good competitor analysis in keyword research you can successfully write complete content.

Furthermore, by using a language style that suits the target audience and using things like images and videos that are relevant to the content, you can write content that is people-friendly.

Build your knowledge by using the content to answer the questions that arise in the content in a simple and understandable way to achieve greater success. Because sometimes people search only for certain questions, it is more successful to answer them as questions.

Many people reassemble content on the Internet and write content, but it’s hard to call it such a successful method, compared to original content that gathers their knowledge and experience.


Writing content with knowledge like an expert in a particular field is unique but it is only the basics. When you become a website with a good knowledge base in the scope you are talking about, when other experts pay the same kind of attention to your website and when you or your website is transformed into a brand name among the people, you become not only an expert in your subject but also an authority. Appointed. This is one of the most important factors to successfully rank in Google.

Authoritativeness is the main factor influencing the growth of authority

Backlinks from relevant and authoritative websites to your website make it easier to develop authority on your website. Also, backlinks can always be considered a major ranking factor, which has a direct impact on the ranking of the website. There is often a chance that the content of an Authority website will get more priority from Google.

Mentioning you in News & Authoritative websites due to Links being the main factor will cause Google to pay attention.

One of the main factors that can be used to measure Authority is the Domain Authority introduced by Moz. I personally find it difficult to recommend Ahrefs Domain Rating.



The credibility of a website is a very important factor nowadays. Expertise and Authority directly affect the ranking boost of your website, as well as trustworthiness. Trustworthiness makes it easy to rank by turning all your shortcomings into a website with content that can be successfully ranked.

Especially for this, you have to work without any kind of negative impact on your website. These problems are more likely to occur on a website where business-related things happen because in those cases you have to make sure that the transaction is completed without damaging your brand name.

If you are doing a business-related website, always try to get more positive reviews, it is important to use trusted websites like Google My Google, Tripadvisor, Trustpilot, and Facebook for this.

Potential for damage to trustworthiness

Bad customer reviews as well as many times Google penalties can negatively affect the trustworthiness of the website. Even with a negative SEO attack, this damage can sometimes occur.

Other factors that can affect the growth of trustworthiness

Contacting the website owner in a clear and easy way. Mentioning the address of the website is a special case of doing business. It is necessary to mention the address of the office or store.

You need to include the required pages for your website such as privacy policy, terms and conditions, terms of business, disclosure, and disclaimer, about related to the website. These are mentioned in the footer of the website for easy access. If there is a website where transactions take place, refunds and returns policies should be mentioned. Can be used as a separate page as required.

Nowadays the most important thing is whether the domain name is secure. Can be identified as an HTTPS or SSL Certificate. This can be easily obtained from a web hosting provider. If you are a website that sells products, it is important to mention safety advice regarding products to build trust.


If you are doing a blog-type website to share your knowledge, it is necessary to factor to include an author biography. In the meantime, linking to other people’s authority sites can be considered a good thing. An accepted factor in measuring this is the trust flow provided by Majestic SEO.

If you are sharing knowledge about a subject on your website, especially related to things like medical, health, and financial, you have to make the website feel like your expertise, authority, and trustworthiness to Google.

No matter what subject you are talking about, Google’s mission is to minimize the potential harm to the user through the information and advice you provide. Therefore, Google puts more weight on the topics discussed above. Google’s goal is to make accurate, reliable information available to users, so that they can write content and maintain a website that cares more about the current (E.A.T).


PageRank is the basic name of the algorithm used by Google to rank a website. Backlinks are one of the main factors influencing the rise of PageRank. Backlinks are, as mentioned earlier, links to our website from other websites.

Thus the links received to our website are considered as a vote we receive. In other words, it’s like a website recommending our website. So this recommendation comes from websites with the highest level of expertise, authority, and trustworthiness which can have a very high impact on improving the ranking of our website. Increasing the number of backlinks means that the ranking will improve and the web traffic to our website will also increase.

We can identify several types of backlinks. Also, the quality of those backlinks and the impact they can have on our website will vary depending on the backlink.

Link building refers to the creation or backing of these backlinks. There are many ways to identify backlinks using different strategies.



Adding pages to your website on Google or adding your web pages to google can be called indexing, which can be found in the google search console after adding your website to the google search console. But in order to be indexed, Google needs to know about your website. It’s not just you creating a website.

Google says it uses a number of methods to search for new websites. The main method of doing that research is crawling. The simple thing to do here is to follow the links in the websites. This is done using a computer program called Google Spider.

This crawling is done after adding your website to the google search console. Also, if you have received a backlink to your newly created website from an indexed website, they will come to your linked web page through that link and search and crawl your other web pages.

Crawlability is a very important thing because no matter how well your search engine optimization will not work if Google does not see your web pages. Google has no ability to rank something invisible.

Reasons why Google crawler may not recognize your website.

One of the main parties that facilitate crawlability is the internal links silo on the website, so many people do not think much about internal links due to ignorance. But if that happens, it will be a big loss. Having a weak internal links silo greatly reduces crawlability.

If there are no-followed internal links, they will not go through and crawl. Take care of that. If there are no-indexed pages, they will not crawl, so if you have No-indexed pages, it will also be a problem. In WordPress, this can be done through the SEO plugin.

Through the text file called Robots.txt, we can also create permission or a ban to crawl the website. You can easily use a WordPress plugin for this too. So if you pay attention to these factors, you will be able to remove the barriers to crawling.


Page Loading Speed

What do you do if your web browser’s loading icon continues to rotate and takes longer to load when you visit a webpage? Most likely you will go back, or you will close it. The same thing happens if your website takes too long to load. Because people don’t like to wait.

So for this reason Page Speed ​​has become a very important factor nowadays. Google wants your web pages to load faster, and the user experience can be maximized if it loads faster. If there are distances in Page Speed, you will not be able to stay in that position even if you are ranked on the front page. Because if people come to your website and come back immediately, it will do a very bad thing to the website.

You can use various tools to measure page speed and take care of shortcomings. You can use the page insights provided by Google itself. Or you can do this using a site like gtmetrix. All you have to do is put in their website and fix the bugs that show up after searching.

Mobile Friendliness

Nowadays, it is common for users to access a website from different devices, but now is the time when mobile devices are gaining more and more prominence. Meanwhile, most of the searches for some topics already come from mobile devices. So if the mobile-friendliness of your website is at a minimum, it becomes a major factor in reducing your mobile web traffic. Also, if mobile friendliness is in good condition, it will affect the top of the rankings.

You can also check your mobile friendliness on Google by visiting the Mobile-Friendly Test webpage.

SSL Certificate (HTTPS)

A secure site means that the website’s user information is secure. Users’ safety is something that Google pays close attention to. Therefore, if you have an idea to create a website today, get the SSL certificate for the domain without thinking twice.

This can be done even through your hosting provider. Because most hosting providers nowadays offer free SSL. While not a groundbreaking contribution to the genre, SSL impresses with its straightforward tough-guy style. Also, many online buyers consider SSL as a seal of trust on the website.


UX optimization

This is about the experience you give your users on your website. User experience optimization.

At the beginning of the last decade, ranking a website was limited to the keywords used several times on the website. But SEO is not something that can be done in today’s Google Updates. So you have to pay more attention to the user if you want to do SEO and build a successful website.

1. Time On Site

The longer a visitor stays on the website. This is easily done on web pages with content that matches the quality of user intent. Content varies depending on how a user engages. Use videos, images, and short

Writing content through paragraphs allows you to spend more time on web pages.

2. Pages Per Session

Making one visitor per web page uses more web pages. For this, it is necessary to write more articles on a specific topic. To do that, you need to have a good level of internal links.

3. Bounce Rate

We need to reduce the bounce rate, which is also a good signal about the user experience. For this, it is important to have as many articles as before, with a good internal links structure. Because a visitor does not leave immediately when we have created a website to satisfy their needs.

Local SEO

One of the main tasks here is to add details related to your business to Google My Business. It is clear that the future of business will be Google My Business.

Local SEO is directly important for those who do business. Searching for a keyword has the potential to turn your website visitor into a customer. Because a keyword like “near me” is more likely to show your business details and your website at the top when you search for something relevant to your business in the area where you do business.


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Final Thought

As we have talked about what SEO is, it is clear to you that although it is called SEO by a single name, it is a collection of parts. So if you want to succeed in SEO, you have to pay attention to almost all these parts because one part is not enough to be successful. So pay close attention to all the points mentioned above and continue to study SEO. Then you will be able to identify the issues that I did not talk about that need further attention.

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