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Manual processes for managing your wholesale business functions are obsolete. People are prone to mistakes and they make mistakes. Often they forget the required tasks. They are unable to complete their tasks on time.

So, improve your task management process to track and complete your tasks on time. By managing your tasks efficiently, you can experience significant growth in your wholesale business.

So, we guide you on ways to use the functions efficiently and grow your business. Before that, you need to identify the tasks for your wholesale business.

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Wholesale business functions

Some of the main functions of a wholesale business are:

  • Buying inventory for your warehouse from manufacturers
  • Transporting inventory to your warehouse
  • Storage of goods on warehouse shelves
  • Packing and shipping your orders
  • Promoting your business
wholesale business

Integrating a task management system

To optimize your stock business operations, install a task management system for your business. Software that organizes your tasks into a list and prioritizes your tasks.

Functions of the task management system

The functions of a task management system are:

  • List your tasks
  • Schedule your tasks
  • Assign tasks to your employees
  • Set a time limit for completing tasks
  • Prioritize your tasks
  • Track the progress of tasks
  • Track the output of your work

List your tasks

Create a checklist of your tasks with the help of software. When you’re done, keep it up to date by checking off completed tasks. This keeps your mind occupied with the things you still need to do and encourages productivity.

Schedule your tasks

The software allows you to set a date and time to start a task in your task list. Since you have some business tasks to do every day, you can schedule your tasks for several days.

Assign tasks to your employees

With your task management software, you can assign certain tasks to certain employees. You know which employees are talented. So, you assign tasks to them accordingly.

wholesale business

Set a time limit for completing tasks

You can set due dates for a task in the software. The schedule allows you to monitor the performance of your employees. You can see which employees meet the given deadlines.

Prioritize your tasks

Priority refers to the urgency of a task or goal. Some tasks are more important or urgent than others. This software helps you prioritize tasks by setting priority levels for each task. So, your team can learn which task is more important or urgent. They can work on the priority task first.

Track the progress of tasks

You have many tasks on your list. The software makes it easy for you to check the status of these tasks. You can check if the job is complete or in progress.

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Track the output of your work

Task management software keeps you updated on the total time it takes to complete a task. You can monitor the performance of your employees. The system provides you with key metrics. You can make future decisions about how to improve the performance of the team.

If you detect any errors, you can inform your employees about them. You can teach them how to overcome their weaknesses.

wholesale business

Benefits of software for business growth

Task management software streamlines your task management. You can easily optimize the performance of all your employees. This can help you grow your wholesale business. Let’s explore how these systems can benefit your business growth.

Performance improvement

These systems allow you to monitor and analyze the performance of your employees. You can hold individual or group meetings with your employees. Give feedback on their performance. Support them on how to improve their performance.

Better collaboration within teams

Some tasks require teamwork. The tool allows teams to collaborate on multiple tasks. Teams can discuss tasks and various business issues through these tools. Each member of the group can present their suggestions. A collection of ideas can form a collaborative plan. These plans encourage teams to achieve better results for the company.

Increasing productivity

Task management software gives you a good estimate of the total time it takes to complete tasks. Prioritizing your tasks with deadlines will improve your team members’ ability to accomplish tasks quickly.

You will know which activities are time efficient and which activities are time-consuming. You can remove such processes. You can develop better strategies to complete tasks faster. Teams can save time and focus on their next tasks.

wholesale business

Project documents

Task management tools allow you to create project documents. These documents contain your project plan. You can save these documents in the tools and view them anytime. You can share them with your team so they can see them too. They can read useful information and implement it in their strategy.

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Remote working facility

Sometimes you have to work from home. Task management software facilitates your remote work. You can easily access the data you need anywhere by logging into your software. So, you will not be affected by any such problem. You can continue to work from your home.

Monitor multiple tasks simultaneously

Task management systems have multiple tasks assigned to your team. It allows you to track the progress of each task simultaneously.
Break large tasks into smaller tasks

Managing a large task is usually difficult. With a task management system, you can break that task into smaller sub-tasks. Team members can easily complete these subtasks simultaneously. That way you can complete that big task at once. This will save you time and you can focus on other projects.

Divide your various departments into groups

A wholesale organization has various departments such as marketing, finance, and information technology. Divide these departments into groups. For example, create a separate team for your sales executives.

The system allows you to create separate workspaces for these different groups. You can assign related tasks to your sales department in this workplace. Only your sales team will receive notifications for these tasks. You don’t bother your other departments for these certain tasks.

wholesale business

Streamlining Task Optimization with Online Wholesale Market

The purpose of task optimization is to effectively track and solve your tasks. Online wholesale markets are a great way to streamline your task management. All you have to do is create a seller account. And start selling. You don’t have to worry about any work. The markets take care of that.

Market places focus on all functions including:

  • Marketing your business
  • Packaging and shipping your products
  • Digital payment
  • Let’s take a look at some popular online wholesale marketplaces that make the process easier for you.


Alibaba is one of the world’s largest online marketplaces by revenue and numbers. Alibaba offers many benefits to sellers:

  • Creating a breakthrough for your business
  • Negotiating prices with buyers
  • View sales analytics


SeeBiz is a complete ecosystem with a robust marketplace and social networking platform for the B2B community. SeeBiz has revolutionized the industry by providing one-of-a-kind product scheduling for businesses. The business community can share products and news on a timeline.

SeeBiz is the first marketplace with several unique features. The seller forms different groups of buyers. Sellers can assign customized pricing to their different groups. They can negotiate accordingly.

Other seller benefits include:

  • Advertise your business on Google Ads with $200 worth of business
  • Creating a professional storefront to represent your business
  • Optimizing your online store for you
  • Promote your business by displaying it on the homepage
  • Showcasing your best products


Tundra is a well-known wholesaler. It has recognition in outstanding publications. Major brands like Burt’s Bees sell their products on Tundra. Tundra is unique in that it does not charge a commission on the sale of a product. It also gives you full control to promote your brand.

wholesale business


Automate your processes with task management software. It is going to boost your company’s productivity leading to better sales and more revenue. When task management software takes over repetitive tasks, you can focus more on promoting your brand.

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