How to Dropship on eBay: 5 Steps Guide

Step 1: Find a Supplier

A successful eBay dropshipping business comes down to quality customer service and the right supplier. You can choose to source local suppliers or find wholesale suppliers online.

When choosing a supplier, consider these key factors:

  • What are the shipping methods offered by the supplier? Are there options for fast shipping?
  • How long does it usually take to ship an order? Suppliers who cannot guarantee delivery times put you at risk of becoming unsatisfied customers.
  • Do they ship worldwide, or only to specific countries? You can limit your customer base without extensive shipping options.
  • How do they control quality? Poor quality can lead to poor reviews.
  • Can you use their source material (photos, specifications, product descriptions) in your listings? Professional style images and descriptions can boost your sales.
Dropship on eBay

Once you have selected your suppliers, contact them. Let them know that you want to be a retailer for their products.

Step 2: Choose Your Products

This step may come before or after step 1, depending on what your store should be. You may already have a specific product location in mind, or you may need to do some research to determine what is currently being sold.

Here are some examples of the best items to drop on eBay:

  1. Printed socks
  2. Bluetooth headphones
  3. Organic tea
  4. Evaporators and e-cigarettes
  5. Waterproof bag
  6. Sports Bra
  7. Resistive straps
  8. Baby carrier

For a full list of the best products to drop on eBay, check out these drop ideas we researched for you.

Dropshipping ebay

Step 3: Set Up Your eBay Seller Account

It takes a few minutes to set up your account, but there are a few important steps that most online sellers overlook.

  • Pay close attention to eBay’s sales information center, which contains useful links and guidelines for setting up your store.
  • Choose your account name ely wisely. Rough or aggressive usernames can push customers away (and eBay violates username policy late loans), but smart or attractive names can lead to better sales.
  • Sales accounts may require an eBay tax ID. A quick Google search will tell you how to apply for a tax ID in your state, or you can see our article on how to get a tax ID.
  • Set up your payment method. These methods vary by country, but all U.S. sellers must have a PayPal account or Merchant Credit Card account.
  • Develop your profile page with details about your store and its policies, including shipping and return policies. Describing your background and credentials may be useful for certain resort markets (electronics, makeup, etc.).

Step 4: Create Your Listings

Create your eBay lists for each product, using the information provided by your supplier. Factors such as pricing, timing and auction vs. purchasing can be determined by a bit of product research on websites such as eBay, Amazon and other major online retailers.

Step 5: Manage and Maintain

Now that you have your eBay listings, it’s time to make money!

Start building a positive reputation by fulfilling your orders as quickly as possible, and check with your supplier weekly or daily to make sure everything is working properly.

Remove lists for suspended or out-of-stock items and replace them regularly with new products.

Respond promptly and professionally to customer complaints and inquiries, and do your best to build a positive experience to build trust and encourage customers to repeat.

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