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If you’re an airline junkie like us, you’ve probably heard about Qatar Airways’ new QSuite. It has revolutionized and challenged traditional business class seating and has been named the best business class in the world by Skytrax. Well, folks, Qatar Airlines has brought the QSuite to LAX – and we had the honor of being on their inaugural flight from Los Angeles to Doha! That’s right – little ol’ USA! We’re still not sure how we qualified for such an incredible and momentous opportunity, but that’s beside the point. Our trip was amazing.

As mentioned in the previous article, the best airline in the world will belong to Qatar Airways in 2022. It has won the award for 7 consecutive years now. If that is the case, we will explain its uniqueness to you from two people who have experienced it. See how good Qatar Airways is.

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The main reasons why Qatar Airways is so good


It’s rare that we find airplane food worth writing about, but the food we ate while flying in QSuite was consistently amazing. (And considering we were in the air for 16 hours each way, we tried almost everything on the menu!) Qatar Airways has an on-demand a la carte menu, where you can order what you want when you want it. You say the word and they will “set the table” with white linens, fancy plates and flatware, and a sparkling candle! Sure, the table setting is impressive, but the real winner is the cuisine. Some of the highlights were: hummus, tabbouleh, and motel served with fresh toasted Arabic bread – absolutely heavenly. We were blown away by how fresh it was, and how delicious each dip was. It’s some of the smoothest, creamiest hummus we’ve ever had.

Qatar Airways

Steel-cut oats served with berries and cream

Who knew oatmeal could be so delicious? We like to joke, you can judge a place based on the quality of their oatmeal, and if that’s the case, Qatar Airways gets five stars. It is hearty and delicious and has the perfect “sweetness”.


The main courses we were served at QSuite easily rivaled a popular restaurant in LA in both presentation and taste! Our favorite was the Seeded Halibut served with steamed cauliflower, saffron veloute, and fried kipflers. The fish was cooked to perfection (how do they even do that on a plane?!), and the flavors all paired wonderfully.


After a quick flip through the extensive wine and beverage menu, we quickly realized we were in for a treat. From the welcome glass of sparkling “Atair” Brut Rose to the oaky “Spier” and a tangy South African Chardonnay, to Bobby’s favorite, the Old Fashioned (with Woodford Whiskey and Angostura Bitters), everything Qatar Airways serves is premium.


BRIC amenity suites with cozy pajamas from The White Company, 21.5-inch entertainment monitors (with unlimited entertainment options), and Castello Monte Vibiano skin care products… The amenities in the QSuite are top-notch. Even the restrooms are sparkling and clean – surprisingly spacious!


To most people, a 16-hour flight sounds like hell. And we’ve been there. There is nothing worse than being stuck in a cramped space for a significant amount of time. All you need to do is lie down, stretch, cuddle up with a comfortable pillow, and sleep. In QSuite you can, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Not only do the seats lie completely flat, but if you’re traveling with your significant other, they turn into a double bed. We are serious. It’s amazing. Moreover, the doors on either side of your seat can be closed for complete privacy. Turn on the “DND” (Do Not Disturb) button, grab your eye masks and earplugs, and you’ve got the dream flight situation – literally!


Can’t say the names of Qatar Airways staff. They truly went above and beyond in every way, from a warm greeting when we checked in, to call us by name on the plane (and even giving us recommendations and advice on our stay in Qatar). We felt special. We felt valued. We felt like family. You can’t often say that about an airline.

There is a reason why Qatar Airways continues to lead as one of the best airlines in the business and we get it now. They understand their customers and aim to please them. We saw this firsthand at QSuite, and we can’t wait to see how they innovate and perfect their in-flight experience.

However, I would like to mention one more thing here, we want to find out whether the life of the beautiful girls in Qatar Airways is really beautiful. I mean they give us amazing pleasure during the flight.
I will only tell her how much sacrifice they make and how difficult it is.

Below are 8 difficulties faced by employees of Qatar Airways.

1. Curfew, rules, and regulations for cabin crew only

One of the main reasons why you might not want to work for Qatar Airways is because of the rules and regulations. If you surf through any forum, people give feedback about the company they work for, this will be one of the main issues raised.

When you sign the employment contract, you agree to obey the rules. That means when you break them, they’re gone!

Some of the said laws are:

  • Return to their accommodation before 4 am
  • Leaving their accommodation only after 7 am
  • At least 12 hours of rest before each flight (if not 90 minutes you are not allowed to go out)
  • Pictures of the uniform cannot be posted on social media
  • You are not allowed to have any tattoos on your body
  • You are not allowed to use cell phones while wearing the uniform

2. Living in an expensive city like Doha

Unless you’re relocating to Doha from London, Paris, or New York, your first impression of the capital is how expensive it is. Well, of course, your first impression is of being inside a giant oven.

One thing, as staff, we often complained about how expensive everything is in Doha! That is because many things are imported from other countries. But don’t get it twisted, when you start flying you’ll be able to do groceries from every country you want.

employees of Qatar Airways.

3. Two stressful months of training

The recruits will undergo eight weeks of stressful and intense training, starting on Day 2, when they first arrive in Doha. During this time, they will learn about safety and security, aircraft type, services, products, first aid, and more.

Getting through the two months of Qatar Airways cabin crew training can be extremely difficult if you don’t have the right mindset and stamina. You will get only one day off in a week, which you may want to use to revise and improve yourself. That’s when the home nostalgia kicks in! It can be really harsh, especially for women.

4. Airplane food and unhealthy diet

Breakfast in Lisbon, lunch in Phuket and dinner in Tokyo? Sure, but your food might as well be airplane food (aka casserole) because once you reach a destination, the first thing you want to do is sleep!

5. Monthly list of overcharged

Some international aviation organizations, such as IATA, have established specific rules on maximum flight hours for pilots and cabin crew. But despite this, a Qatar Airways flight attendant averages between 90 and 130 flying hours per month. It can be very high, especially with return flights.

6. Staff travel policy

Qatar Airways requests all traveling staff, including family and friends, to dress strictly in business attire and conduct themselves. Finally, the crew will be the last to board the plane, and if it is full they may take off.

All this can be stressful during the holiday season when planes are full of customers, try to plan your vacation carefully!

employees of Qatar Airways.

7. Prohibition period

The six-month embargo period is a period during which you are closely monitored and monitored by the company. It starts from the day of joining, any mistake can cost you the job very easily, this brings us to the next point.

8. Uncertainty at work

When I said that Qatar Airways imagines a lot of its employees, I was being realistic. They believe that customers come first, so if you have a problem with a passenger on board, you should be able to deal with it in the best possible way. You will find yourself in many crazy, strange, and challenging situations. The result should always be customer satisfaction and happiness.

Management, in the office, tends to listen to negative complaints from passengers. So if they ask for an explanation and the staff are not sufficiently convinced, they can be terminated without further investigation.

Let me know what you got from the above article and what you feel about it. If you are actually a Qatar Airways user, don’t forget to share your precious memories with us here. See you soon with another new article. Until then, don’t forget to read our old articles.

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