95% of Upwork freelancers save their job offers instantly. I’m going to show you that 8 of the wrong things they do can be within 5% of what gives you great jobs. What’s going on, guys? In the last four years, I have earned over $ 1.5 million on Upwork, and I want to help you do just that.

Your goal is to win jobs with great clients who pay big bucks

How to do it with a simple, repetitive process. So I’ve ready to break down 8 tips in your suggestions to avoid at any cost, the golden rules to follow to get 3x answers and the only secret no one else will tell you. Let’s go. Full disclosure: I am not a sales copywriter. I have not read all the books. The only thing I know is that it has always worked for me to attract real Upwork clients who are bursting at the seams and paying the highest dollar. The path to employment is very simple and we are in the first step. People who win jobs at Upwork start with a top translation cover article.

What people do wrong in their cover letter:

Dear Sir / Madam. I’m so confused right now. I’m sure I fully understand your job requirements. Oh, really, you now? Although it is true that I do not have much professional experience. Yes, do not do that. I promise … oh, you already promise ?! Please consider my suggestion … if it’s good, you will not write it. You asked for two relevant work examples – I included four. So you do not ask, or what …? I have already drafted your work. You definitely don’t listen. Here are my questions about your job. Thanks, hello! If you have done one of these, you should leave a comment below. Physically it is impossible not to. About that last one: Yes, you should ask questions, but now is not the time to do it. Not in your proposal. Let’s talk about where you should ask questions.

Golden rules for suggestions!

Whenever possible, use the client’s first name. Indicates that the message is clearly personalized. You can find it in the feedback history along the same lines. If you have information, Google the business, because industry experience plays games. But if you’ve worked with someone very similar, do not mention them. Instead, here’s what you need to do: I’ve worked with another client in this space, and I think it’s interesting to talk to you. that’s it. Keep your suggestions short and sweet.

Top paying customers do not have time to read long messages! Then attack them with authority and social evidence. You need to show them your worth. I like setting up the authority using server quotes from your profile. Then you need to present a very clear CTA. That client should do one thing. And that CTA, that call-to-action, should be to book a call with you. Yes, you will have problems. You can ask those questions in a call form or on the same call. Remember PS Plays. People will go through the whole message, without clicking on your links, but will read the “PS” at the bottom of the message. Someone has scientifically proven that I do not even remember their names. You have to keep experimenting

You will find that you are going to work harder in the early stages of your free journey, but the more work and reports you have with clients, the more your work, and examples will increase and the more projects and feedback will be a burden for you. So, do you think you’re ready to go? wait a second. The number one thing no one else will tell you is that you should read the Terms of Service in its entirety in Upwork. This is not an option, people. Every $ 1 million freelance worker knows the terms of service, just like the back of their hand.


The more you know the terms of service, the more money you are going to make because not doing this is like not reading a $ 10,000 employment contract. You show up on Mondays, you work like a dog all week and on Fridays, you show up and ask for a payment, and the CEO responds, “Thank you for the work. I will take it, but we did not approve of you doing it. So we will not pay you. “It simply came to our notice then. If you’re just sitting there bowing your head and saying, “Evan, I know exactly how it works in Upwork,” then I want to comment with the 100 emojis below. But don’t spoil it for everyone! If you’re kind of confused or just sitting there thinking “yes, I’m lost”, then the item at the top of your to-do list will take an hour. Read and understand the Upwork Terms of Service. I guarantee you it will help you get your next job done quickly.

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