4 ways to embrace uncertainty

Have you ever felt like you weren’t good enough? That everyone but you has got the manual for life anyway? Are you waiting for the moment to finally arrive and feel like you’ve made it?

Yes, I have been too. While I was young, I was sure that at 35 I would definitely come into my full self – finally becoming who I really am and the person I am meant to be.

When I turned 35, I was shocked when I realized that I had not reached this age as I thought. I didn’t understand it all. far away

How did I get to this point in my life and how did I feel like I had to do so much to get to where I want to be in my career? With so many unknowns?

I felt angry.

I scolded. I cried. I tried to keep busy so I could avoid many hurtful thoughts.

Take a closer look to find the answer

After days of doubt and self-loathing, I decided to start writing in my journal again to try to understand what was going on. Why was I so angry with myself? Feeling so inadequate?

In that reflection, I realized that my insecurities stemmed from my recent decision to leave my corporate marketing career to become a writer.

I felt like I was starting from scratch. There were so many uncertainties and I had so much to learn. Do I really need to do this now?

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But I knew that if there was one thing I regretted not doing in my life, it was to become a writer.

That’s how I decided I had to start somewhere – even from scratch – to build the life and career I wanted, and that meant dealing with uncertainty head-on. We all want to control our environment. Once we let go of control, we can understand that change is a constant part of life.

Here are four ways I’ve learned to embrace uncertainty. These tips can come in handy whenever you’re starting something new or venturing into the unknown.

Reframe the imperfection

Perfection is a shield we use to hide from our true gifts. The most ironic thing I’ve discovered is that the things I thought were my greatest imperfections were actually my greatest gifts. This was so freeing.

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So first and foremost, we need to redefine what we mean by imperfection. By embracing our imperfections not as mistakes, but as an expression of our unique gifts, we can see our strengths more clearly.

Avoid seeking approval from others

We all want love and acceptance. However, to truly live the life we want we must tell the truth about who we are, not wait for the praise or approval of others first.

This is difficult to do and takes practice. One thing I’ve learned to do is to keep a self-appreciation journal where every day I acknowledge and record the things I’m most proud of, the good choices I’ve made, and the successes I’ve had.

These types of habits strengthen our confidence in ourselves, so we don’t always need to look to others for the answer.

Rethink the risks

When we start something new, we have many uncertainties. I found it helpful to reframe these moments of uncertainty and the outcomes of these new actions as learning opportunities. By taking small risks, we step out of our comfort zone and into the learning zone.

We can reframe outcomes that didn’t go as planned not as mistakes, but as good ways to get feedback and learn something new.

Know that you are enough now

I felt stuck with a list of all the things I needed to learn, master, and do before I felt ready to start the career I really wanted. I wanted to stop waiting. We need to let go of the stories we tell ourselves about where we want to be. We are all becoming ourselves, again and again, every day. There is no arrival point.

I like to say this short affirmation when I’m stuck: “I am enough.”

4 ways to embrace uncertainty

Build the life you want

The only constant in life change. To fully embrace uncertainty, we must replace fear of the unknown with curiosity. With a curious mindset, we can see new paths that point in the direction of our dreams.

Are you ready to embrace uncertainty and build the life you want? The world is waiting for us to tell our stories and live our dreams. Let’s begin.

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