3 Simple Hacks To Get Positive Feedback

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3 Simple Hacks To Get Positive Feedback


In this article, we hope to share with you how to get positive feedback messages in your eBay Store and this is very important as you as an eBay seller and dropper shipper can make positive feedback messages more sales and more profit . It is no secret that the success of any business is measured and based on its reputation. Good reputation, as far as doing business.

Think about it for a second පවස Say you want to get groceries from a supermarket. You hear from your friends or other people who go shopping, no matter how good, that the supermarket has bad customer service and they sell groceries. A supermarket appears, and you will not want to go shopping there. If the reversal was so – that is, you would hear positive feedback messages about the supermarket – you would need to go shopping there to get your groceries.

The same principle applies to eBay Drop Shipping Stores. As an eBay seller, your reputation is measured by your eBay seller’s feedback rating. Your feedback score on eBay is very important because eBay customers can see your feedback score when they look at your listing on eBay. This greatly determines whether they decide to buy from you or not.

The more positive feedback messages, the more likely people are to buy from you. If your store is full of negative feedback, then no one will want to sponsor you. Therefore, the power of positive feedback should not be underestimated.

What to do to get positive feedback messages on your eBay store

Since it is well established that positive feedback can actually help boost sales and increase profits, you will naturally want to know what you need to do to get those positive feedback messages. A few are listed below

UnderPromise and OverDeliver

The rule of thumb that helps you get the most positive feedback messages in your eBay store is Yatypromyce and Overdeliver.
Delivery and delivery time estimates, such as shipping and handling, on the other hand – you should make sure to deliver less benefits and more delivery to your customers when it comes to overpaying and under delivery.


Basically, you do not want to overdo something on your eBay list and then a customer will come to buy and you will not be able to meet their expectations.
This will not only significantly reduce your chances of getting a positive feedback message, but will also increase your chances of getting a bad one from an eBay customer on that order, because you did not live up to your expectations.

Say you have an item listed on eBay and by that listing you promise to deliver the item to the customer within 3 days.
Then an eBay customer will arrive and your delivery timeline will be really attractive in 4 days which will force them to buy from you.
Now let’s say you have chosen to get some source and point from AliExpress or some other third party e-commerce website with your provider due to a series of events and it will take longer to deliver them later. It will take 8 days for your customer to receive the item.

All you have to do now is confuse your eBay customer because you have made too much money and you have worked under.
The probability of receiving a positive feedback message from this eBay customer is significantly lower.
When a customer buys something online, they expect it to be delivered on time. It is one of the privileges of getting something online and why they buy products from your eBay store and why not go to the supermarket to get the same product.

So what you can do, to avoid such situations, is to create a buffer that allows for any screws through the distribution chain. So even if your supplier says that the item will be delivered on time, it is best to add at least 2 days as a buffer. So even if there is a screw up from them, you can use those 2 days to sort it all out and keep your promise.

If there are no screws, even better is that your customers will receive their goods earlier than the expected delivery time. If there’s anything we know about eBay customers, they’re really willing to get their packages sooner than they expect. This increases the chances of getting a positive feedback message from your customers because they feel that they have added more value to you as a seller and as an eBay DropShipper.

Give incentives

Another thing you need to do is include the add-on as a personal experience that your customer will give you when shopping with you.
Something as simple as a thank you card or a small gift packaged with the original item can go a long way in getting a positive feedback message from that customer.

You do not have to include a gift. Like we said, thanks for shopping with us you can do the trick. But if you want to get a gift, do not go to the ship because you do not want to spend all your profits on giving gifts to customers. Simple things like a keychain are a thoughtful gift that you can include in the package. This single action separates you from millions of eBay Drop Shippers.

Follow Up

Another important thing to do is to communicate with your customers after purchasing a product from you.
Following up with your customers can really remind you to leave a positive feedback message in your eBay store.

Follow-up is as simple as texting them a week after they buy an item from you.
Send them a message and let them know that you are there for them.
If everything goes smoothly, ask them about their purchasing experience and make them feel important.

This simple act of customer service will go a long way, especially for online businesses such as eBay Drop Shipping. When they leave a positive feedback message, show your appreciation.
Learn how to thank a customer for positive feedback, and the next time they buy from you, they will always want to leave a positive feedback message. It’s easy to say, “Thank you for your feedback.” We look forward to seeing you again with us. If you have something you want to change, let us know next time. It’s that simple.

positive feedback

If you find it difficult to get the perfect message to send your customers to get that positive feedback message, you no longer have to worry.
There is software that provides the solution to this problem – Caldrop.
KalDrop is an amazing Drop Shipping Chrome extension that supports all your Drop Shipping activities with a single click, such as product listing, updates, and inventory listing.

In addition, it has the amazing “Ready Message” feature. This feature already outlines message templates that your customers can use to send messages for any issue or situation, including thanking them for their support. KalDrop’s ready-made message template is sure to push you and give your customers a positive feedback message.

Positive feedback messages are like a catalyst to grow your eBay drop shipping business online without any direct input from you.
It builds positivity around your reputation and your brand so that you can easily attract other potential customers and trust your professionalism.

It is a subtle ad that tells other customers that you are trustworthy and will keep your word. As a result, it is important to always try to get a positive feedback message from all your customers. The three tips described above are good ways to increase your chances of getting that positive feedback.
Adapt them to your quitting business and start getting that positive feedback!


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